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What are the 3 simple steps in film recycling?

3 simple steps in plastic film recycling

Recycling is the real cure to reducing plastic wastes

Plastics are polluting both the land and sea endangering animal lives

Plastic Pollution

Only 9% of the 32 million tons of plastic waste generated in US in 2012 is recycled. There is an urgent need for us to handle this huge amount of plastic waste which is piling up everyday. Plastics can be burned, composted or recycled. While burning plastics can release dioxine and most of the everyday plastics are not compostable, recycling seems to be one of the best ways to reduce the pollution.

How do we recycle LDPE Film

Repro-Plastics has been recycling LDPE films for over 18 years. We used to import over 2000 MT of films from US and Germany into China for reprocessing per month until recently importing post-consumer scrap to China is totally banned. We planned our operations in Vietnam & Japan years ago. We now re-pelletize in Japan and Vietnam.

Recycling starts with the collection of plastics from the public, sorting and baling of films in the collection center, and sending it to our recycling facility where we do the remilling. Then, we need to regrind it, wash it and then put it into extruders again to make the pellets, to get ready for making bags again.

So, this is basically how recycle the films and make cheaper recycled garbage bags by using these plastic scsraps. By doing the whole thing on our own from scratch, we are able to control the quality of the recycled pellets and hence the garbage bags.

recycling - sorting plastic films


recycling - grinding plastic films


recycling - washing plastic films


recycling - pelletizing plastic films


Remember to put into the correct recycling bin when you dispose of your plastic trash!

We are looking for stretch films & 90/10 films coninuously. Please send us details if you are able to offer to Saigon Port of Vietnam.