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Recycled, Compostable & Food Grade

polybags from Repro-Plastics Limited

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Our Main Product Lines

As an ISO acredited manufacturer, we produce a wide range of poly products for janitory supplies, industrial supplies and medical uses. Our products include trash can liners, TPE gloves, aprons, table covers as well as stretch films with strong holding power. Apart from remilling our own recycled materials, Repro-Plastics is also an authentic manufacturer of compostable plastic products in compliance with EN13432 Standards.

We provide the options for customers to make products using prime virgin, recycled content or compostable materials. To help further reduce the costs, we are equipped with semi-automatic machines so that OH costs is greatly reduced. The benefit being an immediate reduction of 30% labor costs, consistency in quality and timely delivery!

About our recycled bags

It is easy to make prime virgin or food grade products. However, making reycled bags is totally another story. It needs to have access to suitable plastic scraps, the technical in recycling, as well as the experience required to convert the materials into good products. Repro-Plastics has been doing this in the last 15 years persistently, helping customers across the globe to save a lot of money in making recycled content trash can liners. Yes, we have hundreds of tons of this material available monthly!

    How strong is our recycled LDPE material and what are the applications?

  • Janitory: Recycled Garbage Bags & Trash Can liners
  • Building Supplies: Contractor Bags, Asbestos Bags, Polysheetings & Drop-Cloth
  • Industrial: County Bags, Lumber Bags & Hospital Clean Up
  • Agricultural: Greenhouse & Mulch Films

Recycled LDPE Bags

recycled ldpe bags

100% Recycled Content
Black or Colored
Gusseted & C-folded
Coreless Rolll

Draw-String Bags

draw tape bags

Can be Recycled
Perforated on Rolled
USA, Australia & Europe

HDPE Coreless Rolls

HDPE Coreless Rolls Kitchen Tidy Bags

HDPE Kitchen Tidies
20% Recycled
Star Sealed
Coreless Roll
Colored & Scented

TPE Gloves

TPE Elastromer Gloves

Thermal Plastic Elastromer Gloves
Alternative to Vinyle Gloves
Medical Examination
Food Processing
Stretched up to 6 times
200 pcs / Box
10 Boxes / Carton
USA, Europe & Australia

Dispoable Aprons

recycled ldpe bags

HDPE or LDPE Virgin
Medical Grade
Clear or Colored
100 pcs / Box
USA, Europe & Australia

HDPE Produce Rolls

HDPE Produce Bags

HDPE Prime Virgin
Food Grade
Can be Made Compostable
Printing Available
With Paper Core
1.8Kg / Roll
6 Rolls per Carton
US & Australia

Asbestos Bags

recycled ldpe bags

LDPE Recycled
Clear or Black
Printed 1s/1c
30x40 Inches
4, 5, &6 Mil
On 5cm Paper Core
One Roll / Carton
USA Market

Contractor Bags

recycled ldpe bags

Super Tough
High % of Metallocene
20% Prime Virgin
1.5/2/3 Mil
Flat Bottom on Roll
20/30/40/50 Counts
With Twist Ties
USA Market


recycled ldpe bags

Construction / AG Film
LDPE Recycled Clear
Building Supplies
24ft wide x 6 Mil
3 Inches Core
One Roll / Carton
USA Market