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Recycled Garbage Bags & Compostable Trash Can Liners

  • recycled asbestos bags
  • recycled contractor bags
  • disposable TPE gloves
  • compostable doggie bags

Professional Polybag Manufacturer

Repro-Plastics is a professional manufacturer of a wide range of poly products. We started as a plastic recycler back in 1998 and set up our factory in 2003. Today, we produce recycled content, prime virgin, compostable and food grade polybags. We are shipping our products to customers in all over the world including US, Australia, UK and EU countries. We are ISO certificated and are an authentic manufacturer of compostable products in compliance with EN 13432 Standards.

Our products include trash can liners, TPE gloves, aprons, table covers as well as super strong stretch films .

Our customers are from different business sectors including: janitory supplies, building supplies, food industries, as well as institutional & government supplies.

We have a long history in plastic recycling and we are particularly strong in manufacturing recycled content bags. More than half of our bags are recycled content LDPE bags shipping to the US. Our materials are single sourced and are remilled on our own. We can guarantee the consistency in both the quality & quantity of our products.

Plastic Scrap Ban in China!

China is putting a ban of unprocessed plastic scraps importing into its country started Oct, 2017. For importers of recycled garbage bags with difficulty continue making the same bags in China, we may be an immidiately help for you. Please contact us ASAP before we are running out of capacity as we begin working with some of the big importers from the US and Australia.

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recycled ldpe bags


Contractor Bags, Compactor Bags, Draw-Tape Bags, Asbestos Bags, Leaves Bags, County Bin Liners

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Coreless Rolls, Star-Sealed bags, Kitchen Tiddies, Wave-Top Bags, Coreless Roll with Handle

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Food Grade

Produce Rolls, Freezer Bags, Sandwich Bags, Zip Lock Bags,