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Recycled & Compostable is the Key!

the difference between compostable & biod-degradable

While using less plastics is a good way to protect the environment, using plastics smartly is currently a more effective way. We believe that recycling and making compostable products is the key to help the environment in the moment. We are committed to continue making sustainable poly products. We will keep you guys posted about the new technology or materials available to us to make greener products. We will also have news about our recycled content and compostable products in here!

5-Layer C8 Super Stretch Film - New Formula
- extremely tough & holding power
Material HMW LLDPE + C8
Color both clear and tinted
Quantity 200mt / month in the moment
Thickness 60-80 gauge; hand wrap & machine wrap
updated Aug, 2017
contractor bag
New Source of Materials for Contractor Bags!
- contain high % of matellocene
Material washed film
Color both black and clear
Quantity 300mt black and 300mt clear
Quality Shiny & extremely strong
updated July, 2017
recycled HDPE
Recycled UHMWPE for film or extrusion
- monthly 200mt from car factory, contains grease
Material UHMW-PE recycled from car factory
Color clear
Quantity 250mt per month ongoing
Quality near virgin
updated August, 2017
TPE Elastromer Gloves
New Line for TPE GLoves
- perfect alternative to vinyl gloves
material hybrid of vrgin elastomer and LLDPE
color transparent
sizes international standard of S, M, L & XL
packaging 200 pcs in printed dispense box
updated April, 2016
asbestos bags - recycled but tough
Having Served the Building Industry for 10 years!
- we started making asbestos bags on roll back in 2003
material recycled LLDPE
color clear and black printed 1s/1c
size 30 x 40 inches 6 Mil
updated April 2013