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about Repro-Plastics Limited

A polybag manufacturer & a global recycler

Who we are & What we do ... in brief

Repro-Plastics is a professional manufacturer of a wide range of polyethylene products including polybags, stretch films, TPE gloves and disposable aprons. We are also a global plastic recycler with remilling operations in Chain, Japan & Vietnam.

Repro-Plastics recycled polybags

Over the past 15 years, we have been committed whole-heartedly to offering quality products to customers with total satisfaction in the following aspects:

  • Competitivce Pricing
  • Reliable Quality
  • Timely Delivery, and
  • Hassle Free Services

How do we get here ...

Recycling is our passion! We started as a plastic scraps importer back in 1998 when we imported films and comingled plastics into China for recycling purpose. Now, we mainly recycle LDPE films and sometimes sell our excess pellets to fellow manufacturers in China.

Repro-Plastics first recycling plant in China 2005

We have our polybag factory set up in Huizhou City of Guangdong Province in 2003. We felt it is only right that we make use of the plastic scrap for products. There, we started producing recycled garbage bags, draw-tape bags, T-shirt bags and HDPE produce rolls.

In 2005 we established our own recycling plant washing and remilling LDPE films. We were the largest recyling plant in Huizhou City. We dealt with 90/10 films form US, mixed color films from Germany, AG films from Japan with a total capacity of 2,000 MT per month. At the same time we produced 600 MT of polybags shipping to customers in New York, Sidney, Belfast, Estonia and Canada.

We are always looking to work with corporations or organisations all over the globe in recycling and marketing of environmental friendly products.

Polybag Factory in China

Production of Polybags, Apron, TPE Gloves & Stretch Film

Recycling Facility in Vietnam

Washing and Pelletizing of LDPE Films & PP non-woven bags

Office in Japan

Pelletizing LDPE Films